1 Regional cooking Spring 2006

BREAKFAST With summer on its way, the hope of a more relaxed daily schedule over the festive season becomes a real possibility …let us grab the opportunity and plan a few leissurely breakfasts. I always think of breakfast as the first meal of the day, not only a quick bowl of porridge…we can be as […]

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2 Regional cooking early-summer 2006

The focus these days is very much on regional food in home-cooking – using your area’s fresh, seasonal ingredients in an innovative way. Integral to this approach is having a bit of knowledge of your ingredients. The following recipe combines the last of the winter-citrus with the new tomato crop ….flavouring it with the first […]

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6 Regional cooking Late-summer 2007

MAKING YOUR OWN BOUQUET GARNI We are always looking for quick and easy ways to enhance our daily cooking. One of the easiest ways to this is to use blends of herbs. These combinations of herbs are known as bouquets garnis -the French for a ‘bundle of herbs.’ Other well-known traditional bouquet garni’s are fines […]

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